This site is primarily for users of MonoConc. (See ParaConc and Collocate) It is possible to order MonoConc Pro for immediate download from here, but for normal orders, visit or send email to


A new version of the concordancer for use in computer labs and general language courses. It is similar to MonoConc Pro, however, it does not have the wordlist comparison feature (keywords) or the Advanced Sort menu. In addition, there are fewer options in Advanced Collocation.
Price Free for individuals for non-commercial research. Site licence. $290 15-users for 2 years.
Features of MonoconcEsy: Text Search and Part-of-Speech Tag Search and grep Search. Primary and secondary sorting of concordance lines. Frequency Wordlist. Collocate Frequency. Download from

MonoconcEsy -- Chinese

The menus etc. are in Chinese. There are two versions, one for Simplified characters and one for Traditional characters.
Price Free for individuals Site licence. $290 15-users for 2 years.

MonoConc Pro

Current version 2.2, released 2004
New features: Open/Save Workspace; Tag Search; Meta-Tags; Suppress/Display Word/Tag/Part-of-Speech Tag.
Price $85 Site licence. $550 15-users for 2 years.
MonoConc Pro pdf flyer

To get the software immediately for individual use ($29), click on the BUY NOW button. The transaction and link to the software is processed through You will be directed to Paypal where you can pay by credit card. You will then be given the link to download the zip file. You will also be sent the link via email.

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This is Windows software. It is also 32-bit. It will work on most machines, but I have heard of problems on some 64-bit computers. It is not clear what configuration causes problems.

Some professors use MonoConc in courses and want the students to have their own copy. In this situation we can send the appropriate number of software packages to the professor to distribute to the students. The price is $40-$45. For info, send email to There is also a Semester version, see

Corpus of Spoken Professional American-English

A 2-million word collection consisting of transcripts of American spoken in professional settings such as committee meetings, faculty meetings and White House press conferences. Tagged with part-of-speech tags. (CLAWS7 tagset) Price $79. For a basic search of the untagged version of the sibcorpora, you can use the following:

Basic search:

Select subcorpus of CSPAE

Search term: